Day of Mobile Etiquette in Prague set a new Czech record

The Day of Mobile Etiquette organized by T-Mobile company was celebrated quite originally – by setting a record in the category Drawing of a comic book by as many people as possible. The event took place in Prague’s namesti Republiky three days ago.

The theme of the comic book was ‘a good behavior with a mobile phone’ and authors of the project was Stepan Mares and other 1,487 people. The final comic was made out of 20 windows of the size 1×1 meter. The event is written in the Czech Book of Record administered by Dobry den agency.

T-Mobile wanted to point out to the etiquette that people should follow when using mobile phones. Choosing the date for the Day of Mobile Etiquette was inspired by the first call from a transportable cellphone in New York in 1973.

Pension Musketyr, Prague

3-star pension situated just 100 steps away from the Wenceslas Square.

Apple hostel, Prague

A hostel at Namesti Republiky in the Prague hundred spired heart!

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