Curiosities and new records in Prague's Old Town Square last weekend

Easter markets in Prague Everybody who visited Old Town Square in the centre of Prague last Saturday could see many curiosities connected with Easter. One of the curiosities was the most flammable Easter egg in the world that is made out of 9,988 match heads and almost 5,000 matches. The author spent 674 hours on making it.

A new Easter record was set in the centre of Prague last weekend. The song Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by Beatles was played by 144 rattles. The Czech agency administrating the Czech Book of Records brought the largest desk diary measuring 2 meters and 94 centimeters.

Another record was broken in Prague-Pruhonice. In the shopping centre Pruhonice you can still admire the world’s biggest Easter lamb. The weight of the lamb is 110 kg, consisting of a sponge cake and a glaze. 400 eggs were used for making the lamb.

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