Extraordinary traffic lights in Prague

Pedestrians at about 50 crossroads in Prague were surprised by really unusual traffic lights yesterday. Instead of red and green figures representing ‘stop’ or ‘walk’ there were figures of a hang man, a man with a dog or a peeing boy.

The ‘author’ is unknown. He managed to replace the coloured glass in different parts of the city. Eltodo company that is in charge of the lights, suffered damages of several thousand CZK.

Prague’s pedestrians should be also aware of a new police action focused on bad behaviour of some pedestrians until this Friday. Police officers will guard frequented roads in Prague, such as streets Zitna, Stepanska, Vinohradka or Evropska, as well as zebra crossing near schools. They will give fines to anybody who will cross the street when the light is red or outside the crossing area.

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