Romany people are protesting in front of the government building

About 150 Romany people are now demonstrating in front of the Straka Academy, the seat the government of the Czech Republic. They are asking for resignation of the The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Regional Development Jiri Cunek. They have slogan banners, one of the slogans is ‘Prime minister, wake up, Cunek has got mad’.

The demonstrating people criticize Jiri Cunek for what he said recently that they are just suntanned people who make mess, who set on campfires on squares and don’t work. Jiri Cunek is known for moving Romany people from shabby house in the centre of Vsetin into ‘container’ houses outside the city, when he was the Mayer of Vsetin. He is also charged with taking bribe in 2002.

The Green Party, which is now in the government coalitions, stated that they will leave the coalition unless Cunek resigns from his post.

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