Langweil's model of Prague on display again

Langweil's model of Prague made between 1826 and 1837 Langweil’s model of Prague, more than 170 years old and one of the most popular exhibit of the Museum of the City of Prague (Na Porici 52), is on display again. Visitors can admire the details of the model that shows more than 2,000 buildings in Prague at the beginning of the 19th century. The wood and paper model was made in 1829-1837 by Antonin Langweil. Read more about Langweil’s model of Prague.

The model had been cleaned and digitized since last October. From today the model is back but in a new showcase. A new system takes care of the optimal temperature, humidity and UV radiation. A rotating camera shows the details of the middle part of the model.

The model is illuminated from 140 points. Visitors can chose from several options of lighting. They can see the simulation of the sun or they can illuminate only some parts of the model and keep the rest in the darkness.

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