World's unique operation in Prague's hospital Motol

Prague hospital Motol is known for its top modern equiptment and its lab for research of stem cells, the only lab of this kind in the Czech Republic. Now the hospital can be proud of another operation that safed a human life. This operation on a cervical backbone (‘neck part’) was unique in the world.

Dusan Matras (27) used to have a tumour in his thyroid gland that was surgically removed. But five years later doctors discovered that he had a small tumour in his cervical backbone. The only option was to remove the second vertebra of his cervical backbone. The second vertebra is the most complicated vertebra in the spine and it’s very risky to operate on it.

The operation took 11 hours and it was very successful. Now Dusan Matras can even move his head, which is quite extraordinary.

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