Big student festival Majales is coming soon

Student festival Majales has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. It is presented as ‘celebration of the beauties of student life’ and presentation of students’ skills. This year it will be held in 10 towns in the Czech Republic, in Prague on 1st and 2nd May.

Many activities during the festival will culminate in a student march through the city, in the election of a new king of Majales and in an open air festival with the best Czech music bands. The main organizer of the festival, Michal Samanek, wants to introduce the festival also to foreign students who have a good opportunity to meet local people and learn more about Czech culture.

A part of this year’s festival will be Majales Underground in Prague’s metro. On 23rd, 25th and 28th April you can meet many talented musicians in there. Everybody who wants to participate, can send email to It is a good opportunity for people to introduce themselves and their bands to the public and, according to the organizers, improve the unfriendly atmosphere in Prague’s metro.

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  1. Paul Cervenan said, May 18, 05:28 PM #

    Hello, to all my fellow Slovak countrymen and women.