Prague: Drivers, use the button!

Even though Prague wants to invest 90 % of the money from European Union into new lines of Prague’s metro, the rest will be spent mainly on changing ‘classical’ traffic lights into ‘smart’ ones.

What does that mean? There are already 300 crossroads controlled by traffic lights responding on the density of traffic. About 70 % of traffic lights in Prague are on 24 hours a day.

A really curious situation is in Prague-Modrany on the crossroads of Generala Sisky and Komoranska streets. Drivers who approaches the crossroad from a dead-end street have to first get out of the car, walk to the pavement and press a button to get the green light.

Hostel ACE-hostel

Hostel situated very close to Municipal House and Powder Tower.

Az hostel

New hostel directly in the city center of Prague, near Wenceslas square.