Narodni trida in Prague will change its face

Narodni trida is the street that goes from the National Theatre, along Tesco department store, to Jungmannovo namesti with the entrance to Fransciscan Garden. A new investor will build a new luxurious hotel at the corner of Narodni trida and Mikulandska street.

The investor Central European Financial Management promised to improve not only the area in front of the hotel but also the neighbourhood. From a busy street in the centre of Prague they want to create a nice avenue. The pavements will get new paving and what’s more, there will be trees. Narodni trida now completely lacks any green spots.

The parcel for the 5 star hotel was sold last year for record-breaking 183.3 million CZK (234 700 CZK per square meter). The hotel will stand on a prestigious position in the centre of Prague.

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