Henry Obering is visiting Prague to discuss the U.S. anti-missile base

Henry Obering, the director of the Missile Defense Agency, is right now in Prague to discuss the technical issues around the possible U.S. anti-missile base in the Czech Republic.

Today in the morning he met the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus and the leader of Social Democrats Jiri Paroubek at Prague Castle. In the afternoon he is going to have a presentation in the Parliament of the Czech Republic. In the evening he is going to meet the National Security Council. Among the members are the Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek and most of the Czech ministers. The U.S. ambassador in the Czech Republic Richard Graber is also invited.

The representatives of the Czech Republic will also speak with the President of the USA George W. Bush this June. The Czech Republic started the negotiations with the USA last March. The plan to build the U.S. anti-missile base in the Czech Republic must be still approved by the Czech parliament.

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