Football fans marched through Prague

The record-breaking number of fans of two football teams Sparta and Slavia filled the Sparta stadium in Prague-Letna yesterday. More than 20.000 people were watching the match that ended with the result 1:0 for Sparta.

About 600 fans of Slavia met in the Old Town Square in the afternoon, after that they continued via Parizska street into Letna. More than 650 policemen were in position to make sure that fans of the two clubs won’t mix together. The crowds of football fans were guarded also by policemen on horses, armoured policemen and an armoured transporter.

The Prague transport near Letna had to be restricted before and after the match. There are no reports that somebody was injured, even though about 100 fans of Sparta and Slavia had conflicts in nam. Jiriho z Podebrad at half past four. The groups were divided by the police. Nine people were detained.

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