Wanted: Neptune fountain, reward: 50,000 crowns

Havlickovy sady in Prague Havlickovy sady, a lovely park in Prague, used to be decorated with a large statue of kneeling Neptune with shells. The statue has been stolen recently. It is about 4 meters tall and 3 meter wide. It was made by Bohuslav Schnirch and Jan Vorlicek between 1875 and 1877.

The town hall will give 50,000 CZK to anybody who will give the information that will lead to the location of the statue. The police evaluate the statue for 1.5 million CZK, the sculptors for 3 million CZK.

The town hall wants to renovate Havlickovy Sady and make it look the way it did at the beginning of the 20th century. Havlickovy sady will offer theatre performances, a cafe and a restaurant. The total park’s renovation should be finished next year.

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