Prague police accused of ill-treatment of demonstrators

There were not just celebrations, but also several conflicts in Prague on the 1st May. Right-wing extremists assaulted a group of young socialists and the fight had to be stopped by the police. Several socialist demonstrators were then detained, because their meeting was not announced and they refused to go away. They say, that they were treated in a humiliating way at the police station.

The 26 detained socialists reportedly had to undress and squat. The spokeswoman of Prague police defends the policemen: the undressing and squatting is allegedly used to find out, if the detained person has a gun. However, these methods are only used when dealing with dangerous offenders, so the incident is now being investigated.

Prague police had similar problems last year, when the politician Katerina Jacques was beaten by policemen at the demonstrations on the 1st May.

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