Million Marihuana March in Prague

Hundreds of people demonstrated for legalizing marihuana in the centre of Prague on Saturday. They joined the international event Million Marihuana March, already for the tenth time. The demonstration started at the Old Town Square and then it moved to Letna Plateau.

There were about 1500 demonstrators, mostly young people, in the beginning. The march then went along the Parizska Street towards Letna. A car with a big joint on the roof was at the head of the demonstration.

More people joined the demonstration at the Letna Plateau, where they could dance and listen to music: there were three stages with live bands and DJs. The whole area was covered with marihuana smoke.

Demonstrators demanded especially using marihuana for medical purposes and differentiating between hard and soft drugs in the Czech legislation. There were no conflicts with the police.

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