17,000 runners in the streets of Prague this weekend

As we wrote yesterday, Prague will host Volkswagen Marathon Prague plus several other runs in the historical city of Prague. 7,650 boxes of oranges and 15,360 bottles of mineral waters are already prepared for more than 17,000 runners. The registration is still possible today for Saturday’s runs, until tomorrow for Sunday’s marathon. Trained runners only are recommended for the marathon.

The transportation in the city will be restricted a great deal. Especially in the city centre. It might resemble the situation after the big floods in the Czech capital in 2002. 69 streets will be closed and 12 tram lines and 2 bus lines will be diverted from their normal routes.

The tram restrictions on Saturday will only affect trams no. 17 and 18 between 14:00 and 18:00. On Sunday the situation will be much more complicated. Several Drivers of cars should also pay attention to streets where parking will be temporarily prohibited. If their vehicle is removed, they should call the telephone number 156 or 158. Other information about road restrictions in Prague can be obtained on 800 177 242.

Besides the sport events, there will be additional programmes on the Old Town Square and the Prague’s Exhibition Ground.

Tchaikovsky hotel, Prague

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