Are Czech people f**king a**holes?

Bijou Phillips American actress Bijou Phillips spent some time in the Czech Republic to shoot in Hostel 2 directed by Eli Roth. She expressed her opinion to the June’s issue of Stuff Magazine: “The people in the Czech Republic are f**king a**holes. Every person from every country that has gone to the Czech Republic thinks the people there are a**holes.” She was indignant by the behaviour of a shopping assistant who told her to leave the shop selling clothes with a cigarette in her hand.

NY Daily News got a statement from the spokesperson from the Czech Embassy in Washington that “it’s an interesting observation and we surely respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I, personally, haven’t observed [Czech] people to be a**holes, nor have I noticed people who think that about them. But we can only encourage people to go there and see for themselves.”

In contrast to the actress, the director Eli Roth admires Prague very much. “Prague was one of the only major cities not bombed in World War II, so it still has all the architecture and old buildings from 500 years ago. It’s filled with cobblestone streets, beautiful girls and bars that go all night. The people are great, and I pretty much kept my entire crew intact from the first film, so it felt like making a movie with my friends. We had a blast making the first “Hostel,” and I was eager to get back and get shooting.” (cited from (read more)

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  1. bustedsanta said, May 11, 07:41 PM #

    who the f%$* is bijou phillips anyway?... never heard of her before reading the article where she trashed the Czechs… I don’t get why she thinks she can come to a foreign country that she apparently knows nothing about and act like she’s owns the place… one Czech didn’t put up with her nonsense and she didn’t like it and now she’s judging the entire nation based on one incident… that just proves what a useless tool she is… if she doesn’t like that she can’t smoke in stores in the CR (which she can’t do in her own country either)...well, she should go home and stop whining…

  2. fyredragon said, May 16, 03:47 AM #

    I’d offer an apology for her behavior, but I’ve never heard of the stupid **nt before.