Gucci is coming to Parizska street in Prague

The number of luxurious shops in the prestigious street Parizska in the centre of Prague (leading from Old Town Square to Cechuv Bridge) will increased by another seller of luxurious good, Italian fashion house Gucci. As Czech Business Weekly informed, the shop is planned to be open at the beginning of 2008.

Gucci has no shops in former Eastern bloc countries yet. This year the first shop in this area will be open in Budapest. Prague’s Art Nouveau building in Parizska street no.9, where Gucci will be located, is now being restored. Gucci will share the building together with Carollinum, a company distributing several luxury brands.

Parizska street belongs to the finest and the most expensive shopping street in the Czech Republic. Other brands in this streets are Cartier, which opened its outlet in Prague last March, Burberry, Prada or Tod’s.

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