Jean-Francois Pignon will perform in Prague

Jean-Francois Pignon Jean-Francois Pignon will come to Prague for the first time to show his excellency in horse dressage. “The one who dances with horses” can be seen in the hall on the Cisarsky Island in Prague at 17:00 on Sunday 20th May. The show of Jean-Francois Pignon will offer great experience enhanced by special light effects.

All those who would like the learn from the great teacher have a special opportunity. Jean-Francois Pignon will give lessons in Masecin near Stechovice on 21st and 22nd May. More information at

Tickets for Sunday’s show can be bought from 290 CZK (for standing from 190 CZK), you can reserve them at Taking pictures is prohibited without prior organizer’s permission.

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