New protections on the "Suicide Bridge"

Nusle Bridge from Vysehrad station Long bridge in Nusle is known as a bridge of suicides. It is on average 42.5 meters above the ground. In the 1990’s a high fence was built at the sides of the bridge to prevent suicides from jumping. In vain. The fence can be climbed over in 8 seconds. Last year the rescuers were called 63 times, 5 lives were lost.

In the first four months of this year, 31 people tried to commit a suicide from the bridge, three people died. The police do not file the number of people who have jumped since 1973 when the bridge was finished. They estimate the number to be about two or three hundreds.

To improve the situation, a new protection is now being considered. Probably it would be iron-plates or other smooth barriers at the top of the fence. The barriers will cost approximately 7 million CZK, they should be there in three months.

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