Opponents of nuclear plant Temelin threaten with large border blockades

The disagreement between the Czech Republic and Austria about the Czech nuclear plant Temelin is becoming stronger. Austrian government decided yesterday to send a diplomatic note to Prague. They claim that the Czech Republic breaks international agreements.

The opponents of Temelin threaten that if the Austrian government doesn’t file an international lawsuit against the Czech Republic in four weeks, they will block all 16 Czech-Austrian frontier crossing.

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs consider these blockades as restrictions of the free movement of persons and goods, which belong in the four freedoms of the European Union. On Monday the Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg told his Austrian colleague that Czech patience with blockades has its limits.

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  1. Raven said, May 23, 09:26 PM #

    Any recent explosion at Temelin nuclear plant? There are some rumors about this and the fact that they are trying to hide this fact.

  2. Petra said, May 24, 02:03 PM #

    Hi! Never heard of any explosions in Temelin, neigher recent nor old. I’m sure everybody would know about that! I can assure it was just a rumour.