Prague metro will be partly without drivers

For the first time these days Prague metro will go without a driver. But not on the whole route, but only at the turning place in Dejvice, which is the terminal of metro green line B. The Prague Public Transport Co. promises that it will save time and the trains could come in shorter intervals.

The fully automatic trains are now being tested at nights. If everything goes all right, this system will be in service in June 2007. Now the trains in Prague metro are controlled by computers partly, especially during deceleration and acceleration. A driver is still needed to check whether passengers are in the safe distance from the tracks and whether they are not stuck in the doorway.

Fully automatic trains can be seen in Paris, Lyon or Vancouver. If the Prague Public Transport Co. want to have fully automatic trains, they would have to invest a lot of money to adjust present trains and platforms. Trains without drivers might be possible in the new metro line D, which is planned to be finished in 2013.

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