Will the 'octopus' change panorama of Prague?

Balloon instead of the 'octopus' - view of Letna Prague architect Radek Martisek is a big opponent of Kaplicky’s design of the new building of the National Library in Prague. Recently he made a report, where he criticized the design as too expensive, dangerous and ecologically insensitive.

Now he decided to prove that the visualization of the building made by Kaplicky’s team is not correct and doesn’t show the real proportions of the future building. He hired an agency who blew a hot-air balloon up on the place where the library should stand in Letna. The highest point of the balloon was 48 meters above the ground, where the ‘eye’ of the library is supposed to be. Then he asked his friends and other people to take pictures of the balloon from different places in Prague.

To his surprise, the balloon was hardly seen from the Charles Bridge what he was afraid of the most. On the other hand, the balloon seemed to be much closer to Prague Castle that on Kaplicky’s visualization. Martisek paid this action with his own money.

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