Gwen Stefani from No Doubt will probably perform in Prague

Gwen Stefani Successful Gwen Stefani, the singer from well-known music band No Doubt, announced at her web pages that she is going to perform in Prague during her solo tour. The concert should be in Sazka Arena on 20th October and Gwen Stafani will present there the songs from her second solo album The Sweet Escape.

The spokesman of Sazka Arena Zdenek Zikmund said that the concert hasn’t been confirmed yet, therefore there are no tickets on sale, even though Stefani’s pages claim that the tickets will be available from 22nd May.

Gwen Stefani visited Prague in 1997 with her band No Doubt. This music band has issued 6 albums and made several unforgettable songs, such as Don’t Speak and Just A Girl. Gwen Stefani said to MTV that she was going to return to the band again.

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