People on wheelchairs can't visit the Bodies...The Exhibition

Bodies... The Exhibition Even though the exhibition Bodies… The Exhibition in Palac Lucerna in Prague is largely discussed in media, nobody stressed that the exhibition is not accessible for people on wheelchairs or mothers/fathers with prams. That’s the experience of Gabriela Knapova who is on a wheelchair and who was not let in the hall by the guards.

The organizers claim that the exhibition is not customized for people on wheelchairs and therefore there are some exhibits they cannot see. The second reason is that the hall in Palac Lucerna is not barrier-free.

There are many dance balls in the Lucerna palace people on wheelchairs can attend with the help of their friends. Petr Novak from Interkoncert agency, that organizes the exhibition, says that they would do their best to solve the situation and to make the exhibition accessible to everybody.

Updated: the exhibition is already accessible for people on wheelchair with a valid ticket. They can be accompanied with two people to help them.

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