American man with tuberculosis travelled from Prague

An American man infected with a rare form of tuberculosis travelled via Prague to Montreal with Czech airline company CSA and endangered the lives of his fellow passengers. Before that he took several flights within Europe. From Montreal he travelled to the USA by car. Right now he is in quarantine and his room is guarded.

The man knew about hill illness and he was said not to fly back to the USA with any commercial air carrier. He did it anyway. His drug-resistant form of tuberculosis is very dangerous and the fellow passengers are now being contacted to make sure they haven’t been infected as well.

According to Czech health official Michael Vit, the man didn’t cough much and he was wearing a mask over his mouth. The possibility of being infected is higher after eight hours in confined space with the patient.

Pension Beetle, Prague

Pension situated in one of the central quarters of Prague, called Royal Vinohrady.

Hotel Lunik, Prague

3-star hotel situated in a peaceful part of the historical center of Prague.



  1. Michelle said, Jun 1, 05:00 PM #

    I think that this man shouldnt be treated liek a leppor for this terirble misfortune. He is suffering right no and just wants a normal life. Give him a break.