Charles IV. will take the crown jewels from Prague to Karlstejn

Karlstejn Castle A big action is planned for the coming two days in Prague. The reconstruction of the true historical event that happened seven hundred years ago will show the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Bohemia Charles IV taking the crown jewels from Prague to Karlstejn where the jewels used to be stored.

The entourage headed by Charles IV. (represented by Czech actor and moderator Vladimir Cech) will set out for the journey at the III. courtyard of Prague Castle at 12:00 on Friday. The “jewels” will be blessed by the Czech cardinal Miloslav Vlk.

Via Lesser Quarter and Charles Bridge the procession will continue to the Old Town Square to see a big tournament. After that the journey will continue to Smichov, Chuchle, Radotin, Cernosice and will finish in Dobrichovice. On Saturday the procession will continue from Dobrichovice to Karlstejn to place the crown jewels to its rightful place. Everyone can join the entourage at any moment of the journey.

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