George W. Bush lobbied in Prague for the radar base

George W. Bush and Vaclav Klaus, author Just before 18:00 yesterday American President George W. Bush left Prague and ended the two-day visit of the Czech Republic, the first country on his European tour this week.

Yesterday morning George W. Bush met President and Prime Minister of the Czech Republic at Prague Castle. At the later press conference he assured Czech people that he will talk with President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the U.S. radar bases in Eastern Europe and will tell him not to fear about it. Bush also stressed that he is “a strong supporter in changing their visa waiver policy” towards the Czech Republic. (Click here for the whole text of the Prague Castle speech)

In the afternoon President Bush met the leader of the opposition Jiri Paroubek whose party is not in favour of the radar base in the Czech Republic. In the afternoon George W. Bush gave a speech in Cernin Palace on the conference on Democracy and Security. The White House web pages bring the whole text of his speech. Click here to see pictures of President Bush in Prague.

Laura Bush was accompanied by the First Lady of the Czech Republic Livia Klausova. They saw the gardens of Prague Castle and the Strahov Monastery. They could admire several precious books about America there.

The transport in the city was without any serious problems. Several demonstrations took part in Prague, the most visible one was organized by the Greenpeace near Charles Bridge.

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