Long-range weather forecast for Prague (June, July)

If you plan to visit Prague during the next month, we have a long-range weather forecast for you. The temperatures in May are over the average and it will probably stay the whole summer.

Heat waves with lack of rain will be followed by storms and heavy rains with local floods. From 11th to 20th May expect sunny weather with numerous rain showers and storms. The average night temperature will be around 15 ˚C (59.0 ˚F), the highest day temperature will reach 31 ˚C (87.8 ˚F).

From 21st to 30th June expect mainly cloudy weather with light rain showers and storms. At the end of this period rain showers will appear only occasionally. Night temperatures will be about 12 ˚C (53.6 ˚F), the highest day temperatures between 19 and 25˚C (66.2 and 77.0 ˚F), later on between 22 and 28 ˚C (71.6 and 82.4 ˚F).

From 1st to 10th July the weather will be somewhat cloudy with night temperature about 14 ˚C (57.2 ˚F) and day temperatures between 23 and 29 ˚C (73.4 and 84.2 ˚F). Anyway, no long-range weather forecast is 100% accurate.

If you are looking for Prague weather forecast, you will find it here.


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