New version of the 2000 CZK banknote comes into circulation

The Czech National Bank introduced yesterday the new 2000 CZK banknote. The new 2007 version of the banknote will come into circulation on Monday 2nd July 2007. The existing versions remain valid.

The Czech National Bank, which is the only institution allowed to issue money in the Czech Republic, decided to improve the protection of the banknotes against counterfeiting. The last modification of this banknote was in 1999, thus 8 years ago.

The new version of the 2000 CZK banknote will contain more protective elements, such as a new protective strip that changes colours depending on the angle the light falls on the paper of the banknote.

The Czech National Bank plans to improve other banknotes in future years, as the Euro will be probably accepted as late as 2012. Read more about the person on the 2000 CZK banknote.

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