Prague is presented in Chicago

One of the biggest presentation of Prague and probably of the whole Czech Republic as well in the USA is now taking place in Chicago. According to Prague Mayer Pavel Bem the Days of Prague are very popular and that might have an impact on the number of tourists of the Czech capital in the future.

Pavel Bem together with his Chicago colleague Richard Daley will be present at the gala evening in Hilton Hotel this Friday, which is the last day of the presentation. Pavel Bem will launch there a new exhibition of drawings and graphics by Oldrich Kulhanek, the music will be provided by Ondrej Havelka and his Melody Makers. On Saturday, mayors Pavel Bem and Richard Daley will remember Antonin Cerman, a Czech native who became the Chicago mayer in 1930’s.

The presentation have presented famous Czech people living in the USA, then David Koller with his music band, violist Silvie Hessova with pianis Daniel Wiesner, films by Jan Hrebejk and many others.

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