Prague roads safer than a year ago

The penalty point system that was introduced in the Czech Republic a year ago proved to be good in Prague. Prague city as the only one completed the penalty point system (read more) with a large number of radars measuring speed. Their placement is known to the large public mainly as a precaution. The map with the positions of the permanent Prague radars can be found here)/default.aspx?ido=7901&sh=-74891013 (descriptions in Czech only).

20 lives were safe in comparison with the number of death people on the roads in the previous period. There were also 43% less car accidents.

However, the police monitored over 320,000 offences of speeding in one year. The deputy mayor of Prague Rudolf Blazek said that even though the roads watched by radars are known, about 5,000 drivers a day exceed the speed limits. Radars are placed mainly near schools and zebra crossings.

Tyn Hostel Prague

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Petr Garni hotel, Prague

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