Beware of infected ticks in the Czech Republic

If you’re going to the Czech Republic and you plan to see besides the popular monuments in the centre of Prague also splendid Czech countryside, we would like warn you against the higher occurrence of infected ticks this year.

Popular tourist destinations for tours are central Bohemia and south Bohemia. Unfortunately, these districts are high-risk area regarding infected ticks. But because more ticks survived the winter due to very warm weather, they can be found in city parks and other “non-traditional” places.

The ticks spread mainly the Lyme-borelliose and the tick-borne encephalitis which can be fatal to an infected person. How to prevent yourself from being infected? First of all, there are several vaccines against encephalitis, but the best time to be vaccinated is in autumn. In drugstores and pharmacies you can buy many insect repellents. But if you still find a tick on your skin, remove it immediately and watch the spot for some time. It’s also possible to send the tick for examination to a special lab.

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