Prague suffers from tropical temperatures

The temperature measured in Prague’s Clementinum yesterday broke the record from 1928. Meteorologists measured 35.8 ˚C (96.4 ˚F), which is by 1.3 ˚C (34.3 ˚F) more than the temperature almost 80 years ago.

The highest temperature measured in Clementinum (the temperatures has been measured there constantly since 1775) is 37.8 ˚C (100 ˚F). Meteorologists warn that today’s temperatures may reach this limit or rise even higher.

Tropical temperatures accompanied with a high level of UV radiation should last until Wednesday. Then the weather forecast predicts temperatures about 20˚C (68 ˚F). People with heart problems should avoid any physical activities these days. All people are recommended to drink a lot.

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