Reconstruction of historical events in Kuks

Baroque building in Kuks If you plan to visit this weekend other places than Prague, your good choice might be a small spa village in Hradec Kralove Region in the east of Bohemia. Visitors of this lovely place will turn back to the time when noblemen were strolling in the gardens and Count Spork, who founded the main feature of the village – a Baroque spa building, went hunting. To the times almost 300 years ago.

Annual celebrations will offer horse riding shows, old traditional markets, a period army camp, wine tasting, a reconstruction of historical events, a concert of scene and theatre music or big fireworks.

The celebration is held this Saturday from 9:00 to 22:00. Besides the programme of the celebrations, visitors can see the famous Baroque building, the lapidary of M.B. Brown statues, Church of the Holy Trinity and Czech Pharmaceutical Museum.

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