Overpriced restaurants at Prague airport

Prague airport Ruzyne More and more people are complaining about the high prices of food and drinks at Prague International Airport Ruzyne. At most of the airport’s restaurants you pay even three times more for your dish than you would pay in the very centre of Prague. Several restaurants are even more expensive than 5-star Four Season Hotel which accommodated Madonna or Sean Connery.

The owners of these restaurant defend themselves claiming that the rent and energy prices are much higher there. The spokeswomen of Prague airport Eva Krejci says that the energy prices are the same like in the centre of Prague.

If you’re looking for cheap drinks, one of the options are drink machines in the hall. In case you’re hungry, go to the newly open building of Europort with a supermarket and a restaurant inside.

Rimska 44 Pension, Prague

Right in the historical city centre, reception non stop and sales drinks and refreshment

Hotel William, Prague

Situated in the historical centre of Prague, about 5-minute walk from Charles Bridge