Concerts and small peacocks in Wallenstein Garden

Every Thursday from 17:00 you can visit one of the concerts held in the splendid garden near the Wallenstein Palace – the seat of the Senate of the Czech Republic. Concerts in Wallenstein Garden are mostly for free. The regular concerts will be held in the garden until mid September 2007.

You can get there from Letenska street, from the first courtyard of Wallenstein Palace or through a gate at the metro station Malostranska. The garden is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00. On the national holiday (the closest are on 28th September and 28th October) the garden is open until 22:00 and beautifully illuminated.

If you visit the garden these days, you can see three young of the peacock running on the grass and paths of the garden. Another attraction is a unusual white peahen.

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