Nearly five years from the terrible floods in Prague

Floods in Prague in 2002 It’s been almost five years since the catastrophic floods devastated the Czech Republic (August 2002). A critical situation was in southern, central and northern Bohemia, Prague included. Due to the terrible amount of water and probably a human flaw, the metro system in Prague was out of order for several months.

The metro system came into full operation in March 2003. The reconstruction works cost incredible seven billiard CZK. Thanks to this sad experience, the metro system is now protected against “big water” much better.

In most metro stations there are high barriers that could protect the metro from floods similar to the ones in 2002. A new anti-flood plan appoints the manager of the public transport to decide on what conditions the metro should be closed and what to do if the water level rises.

Hostel Prague Podoli

The hostel Podoli is situated in a quiet residential part of Prague in complex of studentĀ“s hostel.

U Suteru Hotel, Prague

The hotel is located right in the centre of the city, about 100 meters from the Wenceslas Square.


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