Watermelon Festival in Prague

Melon Festival in Prague 3rd - 5th August For three day non-stop you can take part in the Watermelon Festival in Prague’s shopping centre Metropole Zlicin (metro line B, terminal station Zlicin).

The festival will be held inside the shopping centre as well as in front of the main entrance. The start is at 18:00 on Friday 3rd August, the end on Sunday 5th August. The shopping centre will be open non-stop for the first time.

The festival will offer many activities for both children and adults. Visitors can learn how to prepare delicious food and drinks from melons. Among many competitions held at the festival will be competitions in eating melons, cutting them in exact halves, guessing the weight of a melon, throwing a melon skin at a target, running slalom between melons and many others.

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