Festival 'Dozinky' in the Czech Museum of Agriculture in Prague

Pregnant Pictures (USA) together with the National Museum of Agriculture in Prague (Kostelni 44 street) organize a festival called “Dozinky”. It will start on 8th August 2007 at 19:00 in the National Museum of Agriculture.

The festival will introduce installations, sculptures, paintings and other works of art until 19th August 2007. Among authors whose works will be presented are Gabriel Blaine (USA), Kozue Hasegawa (Japan), Michaela Gorcova (CR), Tyler Dawkins (USA) and many others.

During the opening ceremony, there will be a musical performance by Birds Build Nests Underground (CR) and a theatre performance by Theatre de la liberte (CR) that starts at 20:00. The entrance to the festival is free.

Garni Nusle Hotel, Prague

Hotel Garni Nusle is situated close to Vysehrad and very close to the city centre.

Hostel Arpacay

It is concurrently one of the fastest (and cheapest) accessible hostels in Prague from the airport