Advertisement should disappear from Prague historical centre

Prague municipal authorities have abolish (with effect from 1st September 2007) large advertisements placed on buildings. The only exception will be promotional sheets that cover the construction works or maintenance, such as the statue of Jan Hus in the Old Town Square at the present.

Prague municipal authorities have also banned handing out flyers informing about various cultural events. The ban has been extended to prints that were registered at the Ministry of Culture as regular promotional press. Still, many people hand out flyers in the streets of Prague – illegally.

People can also get fined for promotional banners, for constructions with advertisement on their cars or for fly-posting. The ban, on the other hand, doesn’t apply to charity events, political parties and movements or events held by the city of Prague.

Pension U Cervene Zidle

Situated directly in the historical centre of Old Town, historical building and furniture.

Triska Hotel, Prague

Hotel Triska, built at the end of 19th Century, is in the prominent Prague district of Kralovske Vinohrady.

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