Czech mentality and geography

Today we bring you an interesting article focusing on the relation between Czech mentality and geographical position. What’s your view?

A lack of access to the sea is an important factor in the development of Czech thinking patterns. Being landlocked inside a crater-shaped basin has laid the foundations of the Czech mentality. […]

Czechs don’t have megalomaniacal ambitions and projects, with the possible exceptions of the Zizkov TV tower and Vladimir Remek, the first non-American/non-Soviet cosmonaut.

Living in an enclosed space, threatened by potential attackers on all sides, makes you concentrate on taking care of what you have. (read the whole article)

Hotel Golden City, Prague

Hotel Golden City Garni is an independent three-star hotel situated in Taboritska street.

Corto Havelska, Pension

In "The Golden Rose", in the very heart of the Old Town of Prague, 3-stars

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