Have fun at Letni Letna festival in Prague

If you visit Letenske sady in Prague-Letna from 20th August till 2nd September you may see photographs flutter in the treetops, juggles and clowns on the pathways and many theatre performances on the grass. Letenske sady will host Letni Letna summer festival.

The biggest star of the festival will be one of the best known circus from France Cirque ici. They will perform ten times with their latest show Secret. Tickets for their shows are still available via Ticketpro network.

For those who would like to learn juggling can attend juggle course for free which will be held twice during the festival. Web pages of the festival (here) bring more information for those who are interested.

Hostel Arpacay

It is concurrently one of the fastest (and cheapest) accessible hostels in Prague from the airport

Hotel Residence 4 B&B, Prague

Residence 4 B&B has been built in the residential part of Prague 7 Letna.

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