Matonni Night Grand Prix 2007

For the first time in history of runs in the centre of Prague, runners will compete at night when the street of historical Prague will be illuminated just by street lamps.

Mattoni Night Grand Prix 2007 start at 20:00 and 21:00 on 8th September from the Old Town Square. The disciplines are the adidas Women’s Race 5km and the Metro Men’s Race 10km. Runners can also compete in teams.

Mattoni Night Grand Prix will also offer Hilton Barmen Race where people from various bars in Prague will compete in non-traditional disciplines. 2nd Embassy Race will give a chance to workers from foreign embassies and Czech ministries to beat the strong team of US marines that was very successful last year. For more info click here.

Na Zlatem Krizi Hotel

Na Zlatem krizi, the new, small and agreeable hotel, is situated in the centre of Prague.

U Laury Pension

Pension is situated in Nerudova Street on the Royal Road. Offers of apartments and rooms.