New railing on the 'Suicide Bridge' can't be climbed over

Long bridge in Prague-Nusle is known as the Bridge of Suicides. In the first 6 months of this year 41 people wanted to commit a suicide by jumping from the bridge into the valley under the bridge, 3 people really jumped and died.

Therefore, Prague decided for a new railing that would be very hard to climb over. It was installed there a few days ago and a hired climber had to prove that people can’t get over the railing. After 10 trials the climber gave up trying with the words that it’s not possible to climb it over.

The railing won’t deter people who have plan to commit a suicide for a long time and who have prepare for the action, but it should deter people from short-crack behavior. The railing is 1,160 meters long and it’s made of a very expensive and resistant material.

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