Open-air marathon of the third season of Lost in Prague

Marathon of Lost in Prague Fans of popular TV seriers Lost may look forward to an extraordinary experience in Prague. A marathon of the third season of Lost will be shown on a large screen in the open-air area of Cisarska Louka in Prague. It’s provided by AXN channel for free.

The marathon will be held at the weekend on 25th-26th August 2007 in the area of the sport centre in Cisarska Louka (trams 12, 14 and 37 from Smichovske nadrazi, stop Lihovar). The show will start at 17:20 until 5:00 in the morning, the second part will start on Sunday again at 17:20.

Our sources do not mention in which language the show will be broadcast, but prepare it might be only in Czech. Also take a blanket with you as you’ll be sitting on grass.

Czech audience has therefore a chance to see Lost, Season 3 in advance, as Czech TV Nova will start the third season on 2nd September 2007.

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