Poor information system of Prague public transport

Prague trams Compared to public transport in London or Paris, passengers in Prague donĀ“t get enough information about the public transport system. There are no leaflets with maps of metro, for instance, or with tariff rates. Prague Public Transit plans to improve this.

The leaflets should be available in the information centres and at the metro stations. They will be probably in Czech, English, German and Russian language.

Another improvement will be the information boards, providing information on the arrival of trams and buses. This information will be also sent to mobile phones in the future: a passenger will send a question to the dispatching centre and he will receive an automatic reply.

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  1. Mrs Baron said, Sep 10, 08:12 PM #

    It would also help if foreigners were told to make sure their ticket gets punched at the beginning of their journey!! My husband has just been charged an arm and a leg because the bus driver did not punch his ticket and he didn’t know you had to do so, thus when he got onto the metro he was thrown off and charged a small fortune for not having a valid ticket!

  2. Prague Hotels said, Sep 11, 02:07 PM #

    In Prague very often faced with such situations: Tourist fined for having no tickets! Tourists do not know where to buy tickets for travel, if they approached the ticketing machines, they could not understand what and how to buy tickets at all this machine works!