The National Museum will show Czech icons of the 1980's

Popular in the 1980's - Cecka The National Museum in Prague prepares an exhibition showing one of the icons of the 1980’s in the former Czechoslovakia – cecka, which were small plastic letters, most commonly in the shape of letter C. Cecka were very difficult to obtain and collecting them became a great passion at that time.

The idea to show cecka in the National Museum came with the question: What influenced children in the 1980’s? Cecka were used as a exchange article, they were suitable for many games and children used to boast how many of them they had.

The museum is trying to obtain other things that have almost no material value but tell a lot about the time, society and the life style. Besides cecka visitors will see also Rubik’s Cube or Soviet electronic game with a wolf collection eggs. The exhbition should be open by the end of this year.

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  1. miguel said, Aug 30, 06:36 PM #

    It’d be nice if the article would tell from when the exhibition will be open.
    Anyway, great blog, good content and frequency of updating.

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