Disruption to tram services between Vinohradska vodarna and Flora

Prague Public Transport Company announced tram service disruption between Vinohradska vodarna and Flora that will take for three weeks. The disruption to tram services will start on Monday 10th September and 2nd October 2007. The reason for the disruption is the maintenance of the rails in Korunni street and at Flora crossroads.

Tram no. 5 will go from Vystaviste via Zelivskeho, Ohrada, Vapenka to the loop Spojovaci. In the section Olsanske hrbitovy and Spojovaci it will replace line no. 16. Tram no. 10 will go from the direction Repy only to Vinohradska vodarna. Tram no. 10 will be rerouted from I. P. Pavlova to the loop Zvonarka. Line no. 15 in the section Karlovo namesti and Flora will be rerouted via Albertov, Otakarova, Namesti bratri Synku, I. P. Pavlova_, Muzeum and Jiriho z Podebrad.

Between the stops Sidliste Dablice, Kobylisy_, Palmovka_, Zelivskeho, Jiriho z Podebrad, Muzeum, I. P. Pavlova and Zvonarka will be an additional tram line no. 30.

Hotel Residence 4 B&B, Prague

Residence 4 B&B has been built in the residential part of Prague 7 Letna.

Alabastr Pension

Cosy accommodation in the city centre, wi-fi, fridge, elegantly furnished