F1 pilot Giancarlo Fisichella is in Prague

A helicopter carrying a true replica of the model of ING Renault F1 Team could have been seen above Prague – Andel today. The helicopter took the model to the roof of Coloseum restaurant in Andel. The pilot of his model, Giancarlo Fisichella from Italy, arrived in the afternoon.

Giancarlo Fisichella, ranked 8th in the F1 racing series, accepted the invitation of his main sponsor and have come to Prague today to give a press conference, meet the top management of IPB company and maybe, if there is enough time, to visit the department of oncology in the The Motol University Hospital in Prague.

U zlateho jelena pension

The pension is situated in a historic building that has been recorded in documents dating back to 1366.

Hotel Golden City, Prague

Hotel Golden City Garni is an independent three-star hotel situated in Taboritska street.

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  1. Martin said, Sep 12, 06:58 PM #

    It was quite funny to see the heli over andel, however also a bit scary.