Serge Baudo to become a honourable citizen of Prague

80-year-old French conductor Serge Baudo will become a honourable citizen of the Czech capital. Serge Baudo guested for the first time in Prague in 1959. He cooperated mainly with the Czech Philharmonic orchestra. Their recordings, mainly by Arthur Honegger, have won several prestigious awards.

Serge Baudo was the Chief Conductor of Prague Symphonic Orchestra FOK. He has enriched the Czech repertory with many French compositions. Now he is a Conductor Laureate. “He is an outstanding person. We think highly of his work in Prague as well as his relationship to Prague,” said about Serge Baudo the Mayer of Prague Pavel Bem.

Among other people that will be awarded by the city of Prague are Jiri Kylian for his work for dance theatre and for spreading the fame of Prague abroad, Jiri Demetz who documents the relationship of the Czech, German and Jewish culture in Prague and Ruzena Masova who saved her neighbour’s live while risking her own.

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